Sunday, July 8, 2012

Much Progress...

I had a reminder from one of my followers today that they have been waiting on some more installments!
I've taken lots of photos but just haven't quite got them onto the blog.... other things I've been doing...

- creating a new business
- designing and building a new website for new business
- help with the organising of the inaugural Byron Bay Bridal Showcase (July 20/21) & which will be amazing-!
- taking daughter to Gold Coast for emergency operation
- TLC for daughter
- 2 outstanding shoots for competitions (one of your local businesses Bangalow- keep your eye out!)
- other business shoots, editing emailing etc etc etc

oh and the renovation!!!

SO, here is some of the work....

Frame, roof trusses & deck up

Roof on- a milestone with the weather we've had!

Thought we may get rid of the orange wall- what do you think?

Studio wall and ceiling painted - electrical on the way!!



Vicki said...

You are doing an amazing job!! What a woman!! :-) How does T keep up? lol xx said...

T is very Tired! He has worked so incredibly hard on this... working 7-7, physically draining...