Sunday, June 17, 2012

Is That the Sun?!!!

I was too depressed to write this post last week... another week of relentless rain & red mud!

Progress has still been great as the builders have been working through the weather- but the mud is everywhere!! Nothing you can do about it- just a big clean up soon...

 The deck is down...
  and this is how we spent a beautiful sunny Sunday... painting rafters & frame under the verandah before the roof goes on... (note to self- this is the last reno!)

The forecast is awesome for the next while- so lets hope we can dry out and get clean!



Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Confession (& lots to catch up on Part 5)

As a professional photographer I should, at all times, have my camera with me... but I have to confess that renovating may be scrambling my brain.
I've been washing walls, sanding and painting (well not just me...;)) and on the last 2 occasions forgot to bring it with me.
Luckily the trusty iPhone has been there and yesterday was a momentous occasion! The frame is up!!!
SO exciting now to stand in the rooms and actually feel how it will be!


Lots to catch up on (Part 3)

Front fence is all done bar the last coat of paint- oh and the removal of the dreaded loo!!

Electrical work started inside...
a FLOOR!!!!

The extension, flooring and SUN!


Lots to catch up on (Part 2)

Footings poured..

 and almost finished front fence... please note- all 57000 palings were painted by yours truly!!


Lots to catch up on! Part 1

Forgive me for I have sinned, it's been 3 weeks since my last blog!
There's been a bit of sunshine, a lot of rain- much red mud, but finally visual progress!

So bringing everyone up to date we have...

Earthwork and plumbing...

found a bit of rock...

 Removed the front path and part of the hedge, replaced some bearers
 A clear site

 Rest of the hedge gone- new fence posts in!
 & just who thought it was a good idea for the loo to go in the front yard!!