Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Countdown- 7 days

We are all exhausted... but there is no time to rest... the countdown has started!

Moving day is almost here and while we will be finished outside, the last hurdle outside won't be finished... probably karma for how much I have complained about this damn red dirt! Makes it very tricky for our removalists who hopefully are NOT reading this!

Some catch up pics first...

The last of the lining boards being done

Our gorgeous clawfoot bath in place
 My dressers/ vanities sourced from a beautiful little shop in the hills...
& from the weekend just gone...

A painted kitchen, with doors & drawers looking spiffy!

Taps & plumbing!! (After thousands of hours trawling the net sourcing them!)

 Garage doors started

As from Monday- there are NO MORE TOOLS in the kitchen!(I don't mean you DH!)

The big picture
The floors have been sanded and are being coated as we speak, so hopefully by Monday we will be ready to walk on it.


Thursday, August 2, 2012

The push

We're into the final push ready for moving- not sure that we'll be completely finished but it will be close...
Here's a few images from last week.

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

We're Getting Close!

It's all coming together now... what do you think??

Tiling will be finished tomorrow...

SO happy with the VJ sheeting

& those windows... what can I say- LOVE!!



Tuesday, July 10, 2012

More and a sneaky peek....

The really fun bits (for me anyway) have started!!!
Here are a few pics of the windows that have been the bane of my DH life for the past 3 months! SO worth it!!! When the afternoon light comes through these it is simply stunning!

 Paneling for the bathroom and ensuite... and yes that is big red mud footprints on it!

These would have to be the best windows that a garage has ever had... may need to change the function here (in keeping with how great this looks)...Eliza-music studio???

Cant show too much until the room reveal (going to do this Block style... but here is some lighting- and that colour is the afternoon light coming through!
Eliza's lighting... 91 strands has this light. How do I know this you ask??? I put them all on!!!

Hoping to style the studio this weekend!! Aaaaarhhhh


Sunday, July 8, 2012

New Life

Not long after we started work I planted some bulbs around the beautiful poinciana tree in our front yard.
Arriving onsite a week ago (to yet another round of mud) I spied 3 little snow drops poking their heads up through that red soil. It's amazing how something as small can make you feel so much better! These little flowers are a symbol for our new home I think...

Walls with sarking...

 Studio floor is sanded...

Not long now!!!

Much Progress...

I had a reminder from one of my followers today that they have been waiting on some more installments!
I've taken lots of photos but just haven't quite got them onto the blog.... other things I've been doing...

- creating a new business
- designing and building a new website for new business
- help with the organising of the inaugural Byron Bay Bridal Showcase (July 20/21) & which will be amazing- it.is. not.an.expo!
- taking daughter to Gold Coast for emergency operation
- TLC for daughter
- 2 outstanding shoots for competitions (one of your local businesses Bangalow- keep your eye out!)
- other business shoots, editing emailing etc etc etc

oh and the renovation!!!

SO, here is some of the work....

Frame, roof trusses & deck up

Roof on- a milestone with the weather we've had!

Thought we may get rid of the orange wall- what do you think?

Studio wall and ceiling painted - electrical on the way!!


Sunday, June 17, 2012

Is That the Sun?!!!

I was too depressed to write this post last week... another week of relentless rain & red mud!

Progress has still been great as the builders have been working through the weather- but the mud is everywhere!! Nothing you can do about it- just a big clean up soon...

 The deck is down...
  and this is how we spent a beautiful sunny Sunday... painting rafters & frame under the verandah before the roof goes on... (note to self- this is the last reno!)

The forecast is awesome for the next while- so lets hope we can dry out and get clean!



Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Confession (& lots to catch up on Part 5)

As a professional photographer I should, at all times, have my camera with me... but I have to confess that renovating may be scrambling my brain.
I've been washing walls, sanding and painting (well not just me...;)) and on the last 2 occasions forgot to bring it with me.
Luckily the trusty iPhone has been there and yesterday was a momentous occasion! The frame is up!!!
SO exciting now to stand in the rooms and actually feel how it will be!