Tuesday, July 10, 2012

More and a sneaky peek....

The really fun bits (for me anyway) have started!!!
Here are a few pics of the windows that have been the bane of my DH life for the past 3 months! SO worth it!!! When the afternoon light comes through these it is simply stunning!

 Paneling for the bathroom and ensuite... and yes that is big red mud footprints on it!

These would have to be the best windows that a garage has ever had... may need to change the function here (in keeping with how great this looks)...Eliza-music studio???

Cant show too much until the room reveal (going to do this Block style... but here is some lighting- and that colour is the afternoon light coming through!
Eliza's lighting... 91 strands has this light. How do I know this you ask??? I put them all on!!!

Hoping to style the studio this weekend!! Aaaaarhhhh


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Vicki said...

So exciting! Cant wait to book into your new studio!!!! xx