Friday, March 16, 2012

Windows and Doors

So as mentioned in a previous post- I got a bit excited a while back and bought (a LOT of) old timber windows and french doors. A great buy!

 But now comes the hard part- well for my DH (dear husband) anyway...

Turns out that we can't use them with the beautiful old glass that's in them as they don't comply with current regulations- so while we knew they would have to be restored we didn't anticipate reglazing.

DH is now taking out the glass before restoration trying to keep in tact the beautiful old green panels- a lot of work!



Nev said...

My understanding of the abbreviation ' DH ' is actually something quite different to 'Dear Husband' . :) I think by now your DH may be thinking along the same lines as myself

Nev said...

From my recollections, the abbreviation "DH" refers to something completely different , but often similar to your "Dear Husband" interpretation. However, that being said, I suspect by now your " DH" is probably thinking along the same lines as to my interpretation :) for getting into ANOTHER reno without prior " fattening up". said...

Are you spamming me Neville?? haha