Tuesday, February 21, 2012

The Back Story...

Hindsight is a wonderful thing... I am so glad that we now own the cottage that we do and it is a far better choice, but..
it wasn't initially our first choice...
Many many months ago we 'thought' we had secured another cottage, in a rural setting, 23 acres, great views, a creek and the most enormous man cave you have ever seen (way bigger than the house)!
We signed the contract, gave our deposit to our solicitor and the exchange was to take place the following morning first thing.
The next afternoon we got a phone call from our solicitor (who had a phone call from the sellers solicitor) to tell us that an exchange had taken place, but not with us!!
We were devastated, and angry... how could we not know? Why didn't we have the opportunity to negotiate? I felt and still feel that there were some very unethical practices involved in the situation.

The other slight issue we had was the house full of beautiful old windows and french doors that I had bought already... at a bargain price... which now mean that our garage is NOT used for cars! Oooops!

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